Is this Everything?


No, this isn’t everything. This is just what I find useful for outdoor photography. Some people may use more, some people may use less. In fact, there are still a bunch of lenses and things I’d love to get my hand on to test. This page is simply to give you an idea of what I use and why I choose to use it.


Canon 5D mk III

Weight: 30.24oz

The Canon 5D mk III is in excellent DSLR. I have owned this for a few years now and I’ve never been disappointed (aside from the weight). If I could change my camera body without spending any money I’d be looking at mirrorless options. However, this fulfills all of my needs for the time being.

Canon 35L f/1.4

Weight: 20.46oz

The canon 35L is an amazing lens and one perfectly suited for all types of photography. Many people thing 35mm is too narrow of a focal distance for landscape photography but I beg to differ. The 35 offers a comfortable and relatable focal distance for all sorts of applications.

Canon 16-35L F/4

Weight: 21.6oz

The Canon 16-35L F/4 is an amazing lens. This thing is super sharp with unnoticeable defects from f/4-f/22 throughout all focal lengths. Typically a zoom lens will have to sacrifice more than just a larger aperture in order to perform. In the case of the 16-35L, a maximum aperture of F/4 is it’s only setback (which rarely matters when shooting landscapes).

Lee Filter System

Weight: Varies by filters

Lee Filters are the best you can buy. Unfortunately, they are also cumbersome, but they do allow for a vast range of exposure opportunities. Personally I prefer the lee filter system over the screw-on circular types. Common filters I use are the polarizer, graduated neutral density, and neutral density (ND) filters.

Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote

Weight: 0.6oz

The Canon RC-6 wireless trigger has worked very well for me for the past few years. This was one of the first pieces of equipment I ever owned and I can’t complain. The only problem is that with a more advanced remote you can program longer shutter speeds and even take photos at specific intervals. Overall though, the RC-6 is light and handy.

GK1555T Tripod w/ head

Weight: 48.5oz

I can’t say anything bad about the GK1555T tripod. This tripod does everything I want in a small and stable package. Gitzo tripods are expensive but truly works of art that will last a lifetime.